To Members of the Raleigh-Wake Alumni Chapter

It is with great pleasure that I greet each of you.  I am excited, pleased and privileged to represent you as the president of the Raleigh-Wake Chapter (RWAC) of the National Alumni Association of Shaw University.  Shaw University represents a proud history of impacting the lives of the many students who enter and leave its doors.  As a graduate of Shaw University, I recognize the impact this prestigious institution has made across the nation, as well as in my life, and its graduates.
Through the years, Shaw University has experienced many exciting moments, as well as overcome many challenges and unforeseen circumstances.  As alumni, it is our responsibility to work together to support our beloved Shaw University by assisting in fundraising, and other university efforts. I look forward to continuing legacy of my predecessor, former president Julius Cromwell in providing the best leadership possible.
I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the RWAC Executive Board, members, friends and contributors for your continuous support of Shaw University.  We encourage your participation in the Raleigh Wake Alumni Chapter if you are a graduate and not a member.  We recognize that Shaw University alumni are some of the most creative, innovative, intelligent, and resourceful individuals across the nation.  We welcome your suggestions and ideas as we work together to strengthen our beloved Alma Mater, Shaw University.
With Love and Appreciation,

Dr. Wanda C. White